Qobuz Music Review: What Is Qobuz Music Streaming?


If you would like to learn more about the Qobuz music streaming service, then welcome – you’ve definitely come to the right place! In this article we are going to review what features Qobuz can offer you, as well as the different prices and plans that you can sign up to.  Music streaming platforms have […]

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Record Players: What Are The Best Vinyl Players On The Market?

record players

In this article, we take a look at the history of the record player and when the record player was invented. Additionally, we explore how they work and show some of the vinyl players currently available on the market. You don’t want to miss out! Over the last few years, there has been a huge […]

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Film Composer: How Do You Become A Film Composer?

film composer

Consider this article the ultimate guide on how to become a film composer. We will explore what a film composer does, the process of composing a film, how much a film composer earns, and more! From the outset, it must be said that this is an elite group. Full of people who dedicate their lives […]

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Movies From Books: The Best Movies Based On Books

movies from books

Do you love immersing yourself in new worlds? Well, that’s what reading and films have the power to do – completely transport you to different places and times. Both are great distraction tools from any stress or worry that you’re dealing with in your life. We all have our favourite books and movies, but what […]

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JioSaavn Review: Is JioSaavn Worth It For Creatives?


Ever since consumers received access to affordable and fast internet, music streaming has sparked a huge buzz in the market. If you have a smart device but don’t want to spend loads on streaming platforms, then there are plenty of options to consider. One of which is the music streaming platform JioSaavn – the evolution […]

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Stems In Music Production: What Are They & Why Are They Useful?

If you’re already producing like a pro, then you’ve probably already heard of stems and have been using them in software. But what’s the difference between stems and tracks? Could you define what is a stem in music production?  This article should make the world of stems a little clearer, as well as explaining what […]

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Set List: What Is A Setlist & How Do I Make One For A Concert?

set list

One of the toughest things about being a performer is that unless you come from a genre that’s conventional in academia, (particularly classical or opera), you never really get taught the fundamentals of stagecraft. Most musicians have to learn things such as building a set list, using a microphone, and even setting up a stage […]

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Music Photography Guide: What Is Music Photography?

music photography

Life as a music photographer can be pretty incredible. Spending time with some awesome artists, listening to great music all the time, traveling the world, and creating inspiring artwork. If you’re a photography lover and/or music fan, music photography might seem like the dream career.  At Music Gateway we’re hoping to show how you can […]

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Latin Music Guide: What Is Latin Music & Where Does It Come From?

latin music

At this point, being able to enter the world of Latin music carries a high level of social interest like it never did before. Latin music history has reached a point where almost no diametrically opposed music style can ignore its success. We even highlight how it has been positioned in history as a type […]

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