Best Ways To Project Manage

When you create a project, it’s important to understand what you can do to manage the project when members start pitching/submitting their music to your project.


You can manage and filter tracks by selecting one of the four options on each track – New, Shortlisted, Reviewed, and Hidden. You can search each section, move your choices around, and generally sort the tracks depending on your needs, which is helpful when there are a lot of tracks to …keep track of.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 14.45.13


As well as requesting members submit their music with a file comment, you can leave them comments too. Find out how here.

Once you’ve selecting the tracks, or members you’d like to work with, you can reach out to them via a workspace message. Members can’t contact you via messages unless you’ve contacted them first.

Create Playlists 

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Once you’ve selected your chosen tracks, you can create a playlist with them, with our direct playlist integration tool. Simply select the tracks tick box and then click ‘Add to Playlist’, at the top of the audio files.

Learn more about Playlists here





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