Can I Submit My Music Multiple Times To Different Clients?

If your music is relevant to multiple demo submission projects then you can submit your music multiple times to different clients.

However, it is really important that you don’t submit the same tracks more than once to the same client, and remember that you are dealing with industry professionals who have limited time, and you need to conduct yourself accordingly.


  1. Tamara

    I submitted 4 songs to a pitch opportunity. I am trying to go back and pitch additional songs to the same opportunity, but no click thru. How can I do that please?
    Also, I was thinking of signing up for the package that is like $9 a month; will some of these ‘exclusive’ opportunities open up for me if I do, or is a larger monthly fee required for those?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi Tamara,
      You can submit more tracks to projects (providing it is still open) by clicking Projects – Pitched On – Selecting the title of the project you want to submit more music to – then ‘Submit Files’.

      Influencer membership is $9.95 a month, which gives you access to all higher-tier projects, as well as feedback on Higher-Tier Music Gateway Projects!

      – MG Team

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