Do You Give Submission Feedback?

Do you give feedback on my tracks?

Our Sync team gives Influencers and Game Changers personalised feedback for unsuccessful submissions. Maybe your production wasn’t quite right, or maybe the vocal is holding you back; we give constructive feedback to help you understand why your music wasn’t shortlisted for the project, and to improve your chance of success with future submissions.

To receive feedback on a song submission you made to a higher-tier Music Gateway, email with your username, the title of the project you’ve submitted to, and any other information you think might be useful. You will receive feedback from the team once the project has ended.

Our Sync Team will only provide feedback on tracks that have metadata, so make sure you’ve got that covered.

You will need to be a higher tier user to receive feedback on your tracks.

Not a higher-tier user? Click here to find out more about Influencer or Game Changer membership benefits.

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