Exclusive Agreement vs Non-Exclusive Agreement – What’s the difference?

One of the main differences between the exclusive sync portal agreement and the non-exclusive agreement is that you keep more of the upfront sync fee through the exclusive basis.

Non-exclusive: 75/25 split
Exclusive: 80/20 Split

Both splits are in your favour and relate to the upfront sync license fee (we never take any percentage of back-end royalties).

What about the tracks I submit to you?

Under the exclusive agreement it means we would be your sole sync agent for the tracks you submit to us under the exclusive agreement. This means we can help get you the best deals in any sync scenario through our expertise. This is recommended if you do not have sync representation already. Also, to submit exclusive content to a music supervisor has a value in itself and can help sway their decision to sync it as they know only we handle the clearance for that song meaning it’s a simpler license clear for the client.

The non-exclusive agreement on the other hand allows you to work with other sync agents regarding the tracks you submit to us and let’s you pitch your music to external sources without involving us within the deal if an offer is made. We also wouldn’t be able to negotiate the deal on your behalf if the deal didn’t come through us.

Cancelling the agreement

The exclusive agreement is a 2 year fixed contract whereas the non-exclusive agreement can be cancelled at any time (with a 60 day cooling off period).

Can I change from the non-exclusive agreement to the exclusive agreement?

Yes, and you can do this at any time. Just email support@musicgateway.com to request the change.

Can I change from the exclusive agreement to the non-exclusive agreement?

This can only be changed once the exclusive agreement term period ends (2 years). At that point you can then continue under a non-exclusive agreement from that point on.


  1. giuseppe masciangelo

    i’d like to know if do i have to pay money to subscribe my music in Sync Portal ? there are several expense that i have to pay in this period or not ?
    i understand that if you manage to place my music in tv , games, or other , you take 20% and me 80% . Is it correct ? could you explane to me in some words please ?

    Thank you !

    1. Music Gateway Support

      There is no payment to “subscribe your music” to the Sync Portal. The amount of songs you can store within the Sync Portal however is dependent on the amount of data storage your membership allows. Each membership account type has a set amount of data storage, meaning you can only upload as many tracks as your account allows to the Sync Portal.

      For the data storage allocation per account type you can view this here.

  2. RL Kuhn

    re: the Sync Portal, if I enter into a non-exclusive agreement can I, at a later time, agree to an exclusive agreement?

  3. lisa

    If i get a track placed for an advert for instance, do I still have the right to use it anytime for my own use – IE: for my own album release or another media useage?

      1. jay mardell

        Iā€™m wondering that if I have an exclusive agreement with MG. then would I still be able to upload any songs involved to say you tube ?

  4. Scintillah

    Does an exclusive deal grant you exclusive rights to all my works, or only to those I submit to you? I have some works represented by another publisher, who has exclusive rights only to those works.

  5. TanaMuzicka

    What if I already have a Publising agreement with another company, can I still use the Non-Exclusive option here for a track I already submitted to them?


  6. Chris

    Hello, Is the exclusive agreement able to be terminated prior to the 2 year period? And does this agreement only apply to works submitted to you? Or any future works dealing with sync?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Chris, The details of termination are stated in the agreement, and you would have received this via email upon signing the agreement. The agreement only applies to the works you submit to our Sync Portal.

  7. Talon

    Hey there! I have an exclusive agreement with Music Gateway now–can I pitch my music directly to music supervisors on the side or have I waived that right? Thanks!

  8. Aline

    Hi, is it possible to have an exclusive agreement only for one track (and a non-exclusive agreement for the other ones) ? šŸ™‚ Thank you !

  9. Dean Cox

    Hi, Does my track automatically go under an exclusive agreement once submitted to the portal or is it decided once I gain a sync placement?

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