Getting Started On Music Gateway

Getting Started with Music Gateway

Welcome to the only platform online dedicated to empowering creatives through opportunities! Whether you’re looking to build your industry network, generate revenue from your music, or increase the exposure of your music, Music Gateway is the answer…

If you haven’t already done so, the first way to start your long-term benefits as a member is to activate your subscription!

Our entry-level subscriptions start at just $7.50/£5.00/€5.00 per month. This gives you full features of the platform, excluding high tier features such as our Audio Library, the option to pitch directly to exclusive high-tier opportunities, or contact the sync team directly.

What Do We Do?

We’re a sync agent.We use our sync portal technology to help link great music to great sync deals. Our clients, a growing selection of music supervisors, producers (some of them very prolific) trust us to shortlist and deliver great music to them for them to consider for their projects. 

We’re a global marketplace for creatives. Find other creatives to work on your next project. Whether it’s a manager, songwriter or graphic designer, we provide the ultimate solution for connecting with creatives across the global creative community!”

We provide Artist Development and Music Promotion services. We don’t work on a ‘one size fits all policy’. Get professional representation tailored to you, see legitimate results, and benefit from our vast industry network!

We’re an opportunity provider – Get your music heard directly by labels, publishers and more, pitch your music to be played in thousands of retail and hospitality stores across the UK and Europe, and keep up to date with the latest industry news and giveaways in our blog!

Your First Use

Our services offered are constantly expanding, and the platform is busier than it’s ever been! We’re always working to improve the navigation process, so you can dive into opportunities quickly and without any fuss.

We encourage feedback from our users and if there is anything that sticks out to you that you’d have preferred presented in a different way, please email with your ideas!

Create a Profile


Your Music Gateway profile will determine how likely other creatives or industry professionals are to connect and/or collaborate with you.

Whether you’re pitching for a project, sharing your profile outside of Music Gateway as a portfolio or creating your own projects looking for collaborators to work with, it’s important that you are shown in your best light.

You can edit your profile by signing in and clicking on the profile tab after clicking on the avatar icon in the top right of the screen.


Although we’re a platform for all creative types, the majority of our users are music creators or industry professionals.

When uploading your music files, we recommend you always start the process by uploading a WAV or AIFF file. These are high-quality lossless formats, and some aspects of the platform need these file types.

The platform allows you to convert these files to high quality 320 kbps MP3 files (with metadata you can input in the platform) whenever you need that file type, making it really easy to do on the fly without having to store multiple file types unnecessarily.

Song Info

After uploading your high-quality lossless format, you may be wondering how you can submit important information about your song like you would do with metadata.

Our answer to this is with Song Info.

Song Info acts as a central database where you can store important information about your songs; including genre lists, sounds-like references, unique ISRC & ISWC reference codes, rights holder splits and more.

Song Info can then be attached to your files, successfully bonding them and giving the ability to convert to MP3’s with the metadata entered within works if desired

Submission to Sync Portal

The process of our agency works in two ways. Firstly, by members submitting directly to projects with briefs relevant to their music. Pitching is one way to be represented for sync opportunities. However, the best way is to submit your music to our Sync Portal.

Once you’ve uploaded your lossless files and attached completed works, you can submit this music to the Sync Portal. Once approved, your music will then go through the process of scanning (amongst all other submissions) by our sync team.

Even before posting opportunities, our sync team find music in our Portal and start putting together playlists for clients. Music is located using keywords in your metadata (which is why it’s so important you fill in your metadata!) It is then curated into playlists to send to our clients as a way to funnel and quality control the right music for the right projects.

Submitting to Opportunities

The easiest way of keeping track of opportunities is to look out for our project opportunity emails. All of our mailing list recipients will receive these in their inbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Alternatively, go directly to the opportunities page on the portal and start looking through opportunities that suit your music.

Music Gateway Opportunities Page

You’ll find that some opportunities are reserved for high tier members. If you’re not a high tier member, you could still be selected for these playlists if your music is in the sync portal. However, if you want to submit directly to these opportunities to ensure your music is definitely considered for the playlist, you can do this by upgrading to a high tier membership.

Email Frequency – You’re In Control

We’re aware that emails aren’t always the way creatives like to be contacted about opportunities. If you’d rather the consistency of our emails to you drop a bit, adjust your email settings here










Further Exploration

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the site, and have made use of the initial features outlined in this article, dive further into the platform to discover what other features you have access to as a Music Gateway member!

Music Promotions and Artist Development

Create your own projects to find collaborators and service providers

Submit your music demos directly to labels, publishers, managers and more.

Learn about the industry and how to make money from your music in the frequently updated Music Gateway blog.

Did you find this guide useful? If there’s anything you’d like us to cover, or if you think we’ve missed anything out let us know in the comments!


  1. Richard Coppen


    I’ve been having a look around but I can’t seem to find a way of auditioning artist’s work. I’m a record label and music producer looking for talent. Is this part of the portal service you provide?


  2. Considering

    “You’ve made the brilliant decision to become a Music Gateway member and you’re eager to get started.”

    Really jumping to conclusions here.

  3. Michael Conway Baker

    I’m a film/tv composer. I have a large library of film/tv and concert music which I would like to license to appropriate buyers. A lot of my music is available in the mp3 format. I am a member of TAXI but have found the majority of their clients want to only license pop and rock songs. I’ve done my fair share of that but find the examples they provide of the music asked for is not in my particular realm of composition. I need your advice!

    I have a web site which may be helpful at Michael Conway Baker

  4. Peter

    I’m a member of musicgateway.

    I don’t understand how to add a song to my profile/bio for the public to hear?

    Upload takes me to the files area, but then I seem to have no way of adding even a picture, let alone a song, to my profile.

    Is this even possible?

    Many thanks

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Peter,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      To add songs to your public profile, you need to go to your profile page and then click on the little + sign next to the audio heading. You’ll then be able to choose from the tracks that you’ve uploaded to go on your public profile.

      You can also add images to your profile from this page. Just follow the same process under the images heading.

      If you have any other questions, you can email us at

      I hope this helps!


  5. Haggar

    Hello ..

    I’m a beatmaker and a Brazilian music producer, I’m studying the platform because I intend to create exclusive tracks to upload them, but I have some doubts:

    1-Before uploading do I have to register my music and generate the ISRC code or can I do it directly through the platform?

    2-What is the estimated time for a trail? I mean minutes.

  6. Réjean-Daniel

    Hi ! I just want to say that the young man that refer me to Musicgateway told in youtube that it was free
    Is there a free plan I mostly want submit playlist. Thank you. Best!

  7. Jonty

    So Music Gateway is only for Sync Licensing and does not actually provide Digital Distribution to Streaming Services and Online Stores for Digital Download?

    It is really unclear.

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Jonty, thanks for commenting! This part of our service is due to be launched later on this year, until then we’re not able to disclose further details of the service we will be offering to our members. Make sure to keep an eye out for any updates on our site or social media!

  8. Sebas

    I’ve been creating a playlist to share with others but I can’t seem to figure out how to reorder my songs after I’ve uploaded them into the playlist. Is the only way to organize the songs as I input them? Or can I make changes to it directly in the playlist?

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