What do you get with Influencer / Game Changer membership?

Before we get started, here’s a quick video to remind yourself of our time saving features!

Now… what are the core benefits of an Influencer / Game Changer membership?

These premium memberships take your Music Gateway experience to the next level. They’re aimed to empower you to do and achieve more with your creative career. So let’s dive in to the benefits.

Access more with Exclusive Opportunities!


Exclusive opportunities

With a premium membership you get access to all of our best opportunities. This means a massive increase in briefs for TV, Film, Games & Ad licenses you can submit your music to as well as a range of diverse opportunities to get you & your music heard. This is exclusive to our premium members.

Remember, with the Adventurer membership you only get access to 1/4 of the premium opportunities we provide through our extensive client-base as well as the other members who choose to have premium projects only, so on Influencer / Game Changer you’re not missing out on anything!

View our exclusive opportunities

Not sure which projects are exclusive? You can tell this from the orange “Exclusive opportunity” banners. All projects that are not exclusive will not have this banner.

premium two

The opportunities wall

Improve your pitches with dedicated track feedback (Exclusive opportunities only)

We also give you specific feedback as to why your track was selected or not selected for our exclusive opportunities (sync and A&R). This feedback is invaluable for improving your pitches through comments either about the song itself, the mix quality or perhaps greater insight into how relevant the track you submitted to the brief actually was. It’s with the hope that all of this feedback with give you track by track will help you with your pitches, ensuring future success with your pitching efforts. Only premium (Influencer & Game Changer) members can submit to these projects and gather feedback.


Make storing, managing and sharing your files a breeze with more data

With an Influencer membership you get 10GB of storage and with Game Changer membership you get 50GB of storage (you only get 1GB with Adventurer membership).

This means you can add MORE files to Music Gateway across our features such as;

As well as this it means that you can submit more tracks to more opportunities. Remember, by deleting a file from your file storage system it would delete itself from all opportunities it has been submitted to, so by having more data you won’t need to delete files to make space for more tracks, meaning you can submit a greater variety of tracks to as many opportunities as you like.


Login and get ready to take your creative career to the next level.


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