How Do I Create A Great Music Gateway Profile?

Why do I need a great profile?

When you pitch to a project, other members will click on your profile to see what they can expect from you. It’s the place to showcase your best tracks, your videos, playlists, and photographs. You can also list your creative skills, and talk about yourself, your experience, your music, and any future plans you have for your music!

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You can add as much or as little as you’d like, but focus on quality over quantity. Make sure to double check spellings, and fill as many

You don’t have to do it all at once – you can come back and add to it, or edit it, at any time, by clicking ‘Account‘ on the left-hand side links column then ‘Profile‘ in the drop-down menu. Each section has a pencil icon next to it, which is what you’ll need to click on to edit or add information.

Any videos, audio, and images you add to your profile will come from your Files (learn about files here).

Examples of videos to include on your profile are music videos, interviews, any music-industry talks that you’ve done, or live performances.

Images to upload include band photographs, performance photographs, logos, screenshots of any written media you’re featured in, and any album covers you may have.

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Definitely include any playlists you have made – learn about playlists here

What is a suitable profile picture?

We recommend a well-lit, clear photograph of yourself, so that other members can put a face to your name, but if you’d rather not have a picture of yourself, you can have a picture of your logo, or an image of your album/ep cover.

Any questions?

Contact support here



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