How Do I Create A Great Project?

Sell yourself & your project

Creating an effective project is much like creating an intriguing advertisement in a newspaper, if it doesn’t give you enough information and is unclear you probably won’t attract a lot of interest! We want your project to stand out and get as many pitches as possible, so it needs to be intriguing and informative. So let’s do that.

Firstly, here’s one we made earlier.

Good project

Now let’s break it down.

1. Your project title – Get to the point!

We’ve seen many project titles over the years and we know what works, and what really doesn’t. For example, please don’t write your album name as the project title, whilst it may be wonderful it doesn’t tell anyone what or who you’re looking for!


  1. Keep it short & simple – Adding a very long project title will cloud your projects core need, resulting in confusion. Keep it condensed & easy to understand.
  2. Use keywords – Target the type of person or genre of song you need. This way if a producer see’s the word “Producer” in your title, it will peak their interest. Whilst that may seem obvious not everyone does this!
  3. Show the urgency (if necessary) – Need to find someone or something urgently? State that at the beginning of the title, you can state “URGENT” or “24 Hour Turnaround”. Make sure everyone is aware just how quickly you need it.

Some examples…

“Soul Vocalist needed for Single Release”

“URGENT: Country tracks needed for US Male Artist”

“Music Producer for 12 Track Rock Album Needed”

2. Your project’s description – What do other members need to know? 

Think about it. If you don’t clearly explain what you need, what do you expect to get back in return? Also, having a detailed project description shows you’re serious about your project and that you know exactly who / what you need.

Ask yourself these questions…

  1. What / who do you need?
  2. Is location an issue?
  3. When do you need it by?
  4. Would you be interested in pitching on your own project?
  5. Is it clear, or does your project description leave a lot of questions to be asked?

Top tips!

  1. Use spacing for different points – No one likes a wall of text and it makes it very difficult to view information, meaning important information may be missed! So spacing different points within your project is your best friend for being as clear as possible.
  2. Provide detail, but don’t waffle on – Tell members what / who you need and everything necessary to your project, but keep it as condensed as possible and to the point. That way all the core information will be easy to view, without getting lost in mass explanation.
  3. The project description is about your project’s need, not your backstory – Your project should be about your project, and your project only. All information about you & your career to date should be on your Music Gateway profile. Whilst it may be great that your musical journey started at the tender age of 6 years old this is information for your profile, not your project!

3. Add reference files to provide additional guidance

Sometimes it can be difficult to describe the type of music you need and it’s a lot easier to show a reference video / track that communicates it perfectly. Whilst you shouldn’t skimp on your project description this will add that final clarity to your project. It also means you don’t have to leave raw YouTube URLs in your description, members can play it directly on the project making it easier for all involved.

4. Make it a Private Project!

This one’s totally up to you, but if you’d like more submissions, Private Projects might be the way to go. By making your private, you create a link that you can share with people you know who aren’t on the site, but you think would have something good for the project, which allows them to submit their tracks as a non-member! To do this, when making a project, click ‘Open Advanced Settings‘ on the right-hand side:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.54.43

Once you’re there you’ll see the advanced project page, where you can select the ‘Private Project‘ tick box:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.58.10

This will then create a field near the bottom of the page to make a personalised URL – remember to keep this short and sweet:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.58.39

As long as you follow these 4 steps you’ll attract the maximum amount of pitches to your project, meaning you can sit back and let the pitches roll in.

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    1. Music Gateway Support


      A pitch is a document in which you sell yourself for a relevant opportunity. This could be anything from one track that you feel may meet the criteria of a posted project, or a playlist/folder of work you feel may be useful for another member. E.g – If you are a soul vocalist, and you came across a project looking for soul vocalists, your pitch would be why you think you would be a great collaborator? Maybe previous experience. A chance to sell yourself basically!

      I hope this helps!


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