How Do I Know If I’m Successful Or Not?

If you are successful on Music Gateway (in Sync, Pitching, or Submission projects) you will be notified via email.

We use the email associated with your account so please ensure that you have access to this email as we may require urgent action from your side to go ahead.


  1. Dale Sumner

    Its good that you let people know if their submission(s) have been successful, but what do you do to let people know if they haven’t been successful?

    I have been keeping an eye on a pitch I submitted to over a week ago, and though I appreciate it is early days to know what the coutcome will be, I am unable to find a screeen or update field on your site that might be the place to check.

    Is there somehere on your site where you get updates on pitches?


    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Dale,

      When you submit to an opportunity our sync managers pick it up and consider whether or not it is a good fit for the particular brief the project manager has given. If the sync manager thinks it is a good fit, they will shortlist the song into a playlist (usually 5-10 tracks) which is delivered to the client and then they consider which song from the playlist to place. Once the client has the playlist, it is then out of our control on who they decide to proceed with and how long they take to decide.

      This is a competitive landscape but all of our members are definitely in for a good chance of placement once the fit has been established between their music and what sort of projects are right for them.

      The status of projects aren’t always able to be updated as many project owners have shifting project time schedules and this can affect their procurement process for music. This means that sometimes projects can close as urgently as a day, and other times a project might take over a year to close. If you don’t hear from us about a project you’ve been playlisted for, this could be why. Also, given the number of tracks we send out across the week, it would be unreasonable to email each rights holder directly.

      I hope this helps. But please do let me know if you have any further questions.

      Many thanks,


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