How do I use my files storage system?

As a Music Gateway member, one of the features you have access to is our bespoke File Storage. Here you can upload your audio, video, and image files. Having your files in the File Storage Area will allow you to use our other features, including the Sync Portal, Playlist Tool, and pitching and submitting to projects! We recognise that the music industry requires different tools, so we designed the features of our file storage tool specifically with the industry in mind, as opposed to other online storage tools.

Different membership types will have different data allowances, which you can compare here, but every account type has access to the file storage feature.

How Do I Upload My Files?

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Uploading files from your computer to your music Gateway files couldn’t be easier. Simply click on ‘Files’ on the left-hand side, and then you’ll see four different options on the right-hand side of the page:

  • Upload Files – this will open your computer files and allows you to select & upload multiple files
  • New Folder - If you want keep your files organised – just chose a folder name and click Create
  • Upload YouTube Video – this will prompt you to paste your YouTube video URL into the pop-up box
  • Upload Vimeo Video – this will prompt you to paste your Vimeo video URL into the pop-up box

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Once you’ve selected the option you want, and your files have been uploaded you can manage your files in a number of different ways. Clicking the ‘‘ button on a WAV or MP3 file will open a drop-down menu of the following options:

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  • Play – listen to your track on the Music Gateway site
  • Assign Work – important step to pitching, submitting, and using the Sync Portal. Read about creating a Work here
  • Edit MP3 Metadata – an easy way to add information about your music. Learn more here
  • Download Original File – this will download the full quality file that you uploaded, for example the WAV & not an mp3 option.
  • Download MP3 with metadata - download your song file with metadata in MP3 file format
  • Get Shareable Link – a link that you can share with anyone for them to access
  • File Usage – A great tool to see where else your track is on the site ie: which projects you’ve submitted or pitched to
  • Delete File

Managing your Files

To add your files to a folder that you’ve made, simply select the specific tracks then drag and drop them into the folder.

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Bulk Edit Metadata

You can also bulk edit your metadata, which is a huge time-saver and makes us stand apart from other online storage solutions. To bulk edit, simply select multiple tracks, then select ‘Update Metadata’ (on the right-hand side). Enter the information you’d like to change, then click ‘Overwrite and Save’.

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It isn’t just song files that you can upload!

If you have a music video, band photograph, or album artwork that you want to add to project submissions or add to your profile (which we strongly recommend) these will come from your files area, and they can be uploaded in any file format.

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You can also upload videos in any format and watch them in your files area, by clicking the eye icon

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There is no limit to the size of files you upload, but the total size of your files is limited by your membership type.

You should now feel confident to start uploading and managing your files, and if you have any questions just leave a comment below, or watch our files guide video that explains it step by step!

Files (PNS) from Music Gateway on Vimeo.

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