How do Marketplace Projects Work?

How to create a marketplace project

How does a marketplace project work and how can you benefit from creating one? Do read on…

Tell us what you need done

Prepare to succeed by telling other members what you need and expand your options through our marketplace.

  1. Clearly define your project goal
  2. Members pitch to work with you
  3. You pick and choose who to work with!

Who can I connect with?

We have members across the globe with a variety of skills & services. You never know who’s there until you reach out!

What does it cost?

It’s 100% free to create & post a project. We want you to connect to as many members as possible to fuel your ambition and goal. Post as many different projects as you like.

How long does it take to get pitches?

Depends how good your offer is! Usually within 24 hours you’ll receive a great number of pitches and after a week you’ll have more than enough choice.

Get creative

With your project, you’re not just connected but you also have a private space to share work files, communicate and be creative too.

  1. Be fully collaborative with your workers from anywhere, anytime.
  2. 24/7 access to your work files & messages from desktop, mobile and tablet
  3. Customise permissions & security for your shared files

What kind of files can I upload?

You can upload multiple file types. We support MP3, WAV, FLAC audio files, MP4 video files as well as PDFs, Word Documents and YouTube / Vimeo videos.

If applicable, how do I pay my workers?

This can be kept entirely between yourself and your workers via your usual payment methods. We only charge commission on payments of £1000 + of which we’ll arrange a suitable method of transfer. Just contact

Why us?

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This is our average rating from our members across Google & Facebook reviews. Our marketplace helps thousands of creatives connect everyday.

40+ creative roles

There are plenty of creatives to connect with. Have a strange request? Try us!

100% committed to your success

Our customer success team are ready to help you with your project every step of the way.

24/7 Access

Never be without your work files and messages. Collaborate from anywhere, anytime.


  1. Brandon Evans

    Hello. I am a music producer/songwriter looking to make a project offering my services rather than requesting so as to let clients come to me as much as i search for them. Could making a project be lucrative on Music Gateway or should i focus solely on pitching?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi Brandon,

      We don’t allow members to promote their services on the site, just to post opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities looking for producers and songwriters, so focus on pitching and collaborating!

      1. Princess

        Hi, I’m a singer and I will love to collaborate or make a team with songwriters, sound engineers and we can make some musics/songs together

        1. JO SHEEZY

          Hey wusup Princess my name is JO SHEEZY I am an artist who works in the hip hopish genre and am brand new here so I am looking to collaborate and get a lil bit of help to figure out what I’m doing on here so if you’re interested please let me know. Thanks

  2. Rrimeck

    Yes, I do think so, is this platform for connecting collaborators together in different country, so need to send files over for that, or is this for clients to look for suitable people, or people have works would like to promote, is not very clear of what is this can do, is this able to send wave files?

  3. Diana

    Hi, I’m a lyricist looking to collaborate with other writers & musicians to create demos to pitch for artists

  4. Tay

    Im a songwriter. Im looking to collab and also pitch my music. I have written a wide variety genres including R and B, Pop and songs for Gospel Choirs and Artists. Some songs have not been demoed yet but im looking to connect with that as well.

  5. Daniel Freedman

    Greetings. My Company is Golden Conch/ASCAP and I am interested in creating music videos of my two musicals “Pearl and the Pumpkin” and “Toby the Incredible Learned Pig”. “Pearl and the Pumpkin” is based on the writings of the creators of “The Wizard of Oz”, W.W. Denslow and L. Frank Baum. We all know how successful “Wicked” was on Broadway. I think that “Pearl and the Pumpkin” could be just as much of a hit! It had great costumes, being set during Halloween, and wonderful characters. There is even an underwater ballet! My other musical is “Toby the Incredible Learned Pig” which was an award winner at the Wonderland One Act Festival in NYC. It became the basis for the book “Pyg” by Russell Porter. There are recordings of both on Amazon and Itunes. I look forward to your input.

  6. Scrollz

    Hey looking for producers and sound engineers to invest in me and make some really cool music while the main goal is making money and supporting the dream I’m known for creating really good music just missing that support structure please hit me up if interested in really growing

  7. Keely

    Hi there, I work with multiple artists and am also an artist myself. I would be looking to upload their singles/videos/albums in order to get blog/playlist support and even sync opportunities. What would be the best way to go about doing this? Thanks.


    So I’m new to this platform but am excited to get connected and network with others in the music industry and make e dopest of jams so if anyone would like to collaborate please let me know I do hiphop and down for whatever I like experimenting with new types of blends or basically am willing to try working with anyone all sounds welcome

  9. Toni Cvetkovski - eXtreme4

    Hi there.
    I am eXtreme4 and I am a EDM producer and artist.
    I am working on one of the rare EDM conceptual Album who is deeply connected with a book with the same name.
    The Album name and the books name is Beyond the pleasure.
    O am looking for collaborators to work on the tracks in the album.

    Besides this album I am mainly Trance producer.

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey! Great to hear you’re looking for collaborators for your next project. It sounds like you’d benefit from setting up your own marketplace project to search for some more people to work with, and you can do so by signing up for a free trial here if you aren’t a member already 🙂

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