How Do Music Gateway Demo Submissions Work?

Receiving music can be a nightmare but you’ve got to do it to find those diamonds in the rough. You don’t want to listen to it right then and there but if you don’t, your inbox starts getting messy. We haven’t even started talking about formats yet! Some people get in touch about how great their music is without attaching anything?! Sometimes you get WeTransfer links where you have to download before listening to find out it’s not what you are looking for, sometimes you get Dropbox folders which you can’t stream because it’s a WAV not an mp3. Well, we say enough is enough.


What is the Demo Submissions Tool?

The demo submission tool is a feature that allows you to send people to a branded page where they submit their music, information and contact details to you in a consistent format.

You then get a backend system that allows you to listen to the tracks as you please, with hide and favourite filtering options as you go. Then all the information is accessible as well as contact details if you do want to follow up on one of the submissions.

Okay, cool – why do I need one?

Because you’re wasting time accommodating to everyone’s different styles of pitching when you could get everything in a consistent, organised and easy to manage way. It saves you time organising which means you can listen to more music, go to more conferences, spend more time with your family – whatever it is you want to do more of! And did we mention it’s completely free with your account?

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You’ve convinced me! How do you set it up?

To get started, log into your account on Music Gateway or sign up for free today. Then head to Projects → Create Project.

Then you have the option of creating a marketplace project or a private project. You want to select a private project for receiving Demo Submissions so you get a shareable link that you can put on your website, social medias, email signature or anywhere else you fancy!

Then from there all the information you need to get going is here:

Marketplace project: A project you create to go out to the Music Gateway community and build your connections.

Private project: A project you create to send out to existing contacts and isn’t accessible to the Music Gateway community.

Spoiler alert: You can make it accessible to the marketplace as well! Once you’re creating the private project, you’ll see the option to turn access on for the marketplace as well which will allow you to tap into the great talent on the platform as well as have a direct source for managing your other demo submissions all the time coming together in one space.

Added bonus information

If you do sign or take any of the tracks from the demo submission tool, you can add them directly into your catalogue and update any playlists or metadata with ease if you’re using our catalogue management system.


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