How Do Private Projects Work?

How to create private projects

(Please note the video states “External Project” however this is now re-named to “Private Project”.)

How does a private project work and how can you benefit from creating one? Do read on…

Receive and manage music from your trusted contacts

When you reach out to your contacts for music do they send you files in multiple formats? Do you have to download them and upload them to store somewhere you won’t lose them? That sounds complicated. Let’s simplify that.

  1. Create a project stating what you need
  2. Invite your trusted connections to submit files to your project
  3. Manage your submissions & save files directly

Is my project visible to anyone else?

No it’s completely private, meaning only those you send the URL link to will be able to access it.

Who can I send the private project to?

Anyone you like! That’s the beauty of it, you control who submits music to you and in the way you like it.

Can I open this up to Music Gateway members too?

Yes you can. Make the ultimate project and allow both Music Gateway members and your own contacts to submit files to you. The sky is truly the limit if you want to expand your options.

Manage, filter & save submissions to your file storage

If you’re used to receiving hundreds of file submissions for a particular brief we know how you feel. So we’ve created tools to make this a fun process and not a long one.

  1. Manage loads of file submissions easily
  2. Filter submissions with shortlist & hide tools
  3. Save directly to your files system

Is there a limit to how many files I can receive?

No limit at all, you can receive tons of submissions and our system will cope with it!

Can I limit tracks sent per person?

Yes you can control how many files are sent to you by one person. That way you only receive (for example) 3 tracks per person and not their whole back catalogue!

Can I review tracks on the go?

We know you’re busy, or perhaps bored on the train, so threat not! You can review tracks easily from anywhere. Be twice as productive and utilise every minute you have.

Present your music to your clients

Once you’ve found the perfect tracks you can send them  to your client or colleague as soon as you like in a professionally created playlist.

  1. Quick to create
  2. Branded & customisable
  3. Create & send playlists on the go

Who can access my Playlist?

Only those you send it to. It’s private and only accessible via the URL link. You can also add a password to maximise the security.

How long will it stay live for?

As long as you like. You can update your playlist with new tracks too meaning your clients are updated in real time.

Will my clients understand how it works?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to understand as well as adding tools for your clients to shortlist & hide tracks too. They can even make bespoke file comments, specific to that playlist

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