How Does The Sync Portal Work?

This is the complete Sync Portal user guide, where you can learn what the Sync Portal is, how you can get your tracks prepared to submit to it, and what you can expect once you’re in!

What is the Sync Portal?

One of Music Gateway’s most innovative features is the Sync Portal, which we developed as a way for our members to get access to Sync placement opportunities, and reduce the amount of time you have to spend looking for placements themselves – our dedicated Sync Team does it for you! Once you understand the basics it’s very simple to navigate, and can land you a Sync Licensing deal!

What’s the difference between the Sync Portal and Opportunities?

Opportunities are great for collaborating and finding specialists in a range of creative areas, from producers to videographers. It’s the place on Music Gateway to find what you need to take your music to the next level. It’s also great for developing your brand as an artist, getting your name out there, and finding a range of projects to pitch to.

The Sync Portal is where the Sync Team source music for projects, such as film soundtracks, music for advertisements, games, and TV shows. These are often confidential in their nature and the briefs generally have bigger budgets and tighter specifications. Our Sync Team work directly with the client to find them the best music for their project by searching the metadata that you provide in both the works assigned to each track and the metadata to add to each track within the portal.

Another benefit of the Sync Portal is that because it’s managed by our Sync team, you’ll never miss a project deadline – once your tracks are live that’s the most work you’ll need to do.

Step-By-Step Guide to joining The Sync Portal

Firstly, you’ll need to join our Sync Portal. So this is the first page you’ll see.

Click ‘Get Started‘ to begin!

When you first go into the Sync Portal, you must enter your personal details as well as stating which Sync Portal Heads of Agreement you wish to join under, either non-exclusive or exclusive. Before joining you must make any rights holders (the individual or company that owns the master (the recording) & publishing rights (Song & Lyric) of the tracks you wish to submit) aware that you wish to enter into our agreement. We also strongly recommend that each track submitted to us is already registered with a Performing Rights Organisation to ensure you get paid the appropriate royalties when your track is aired, however, this is not completely necessary at this stage if not already registered, so you can join without having tracks registered with a PRO.

After you’ve read through this and selected the agreement type you require (simply click on the relevant boxes), you will need to scroll down and enter your contact details. Once you’ve read and agreed to the terms of service, tick the box, then click ‘Create Agreement & Continue‘.

If you have any specific questions, please contact before you sign the agreement.

giphy (3)

Once you’ve signed the sync portal agreement, There are four main steps you need to complete in order to be ready to submit tracks to the sync portal:

1 – Upload Your Tracks / 2 – Create Contacts / 3 – Create Your Song Info / 4 – Assign Your Song Info To Your Tracks

Step 1 – Upload Your Tracks
: Your tracks must be uploaded in the .wav or.aiff formats to be accepted into the sync portal. How Do I Upload My Tracks?

Step 2 – Create Contacts: It’s important within a sync license that all parties involved are accounted for with their relevant splits of ownership. This ensures everyone is properly paid and credited within the license along with all performance royalties generated from the sync itself. Contacts allows for the creation of this information. How Do I Make A Contact?

Step 3 – Create Your Song Info: Song Info makes your music searchable, not only to Music Gateway’s sync team but also to our clients. This means your music will be found faster and more often, increasing your chances of getting placements.

Song Info allows you to store all information on a particular song/track and is crucial for our sync team to have. To save time you can create “Song Info Templates” to save core information about a track as a template, and then complete the full Song Info out of that template. This means you can save time, and not manually add the same data twice when creating different track versions of a song such as a remix, instrumental or acapella versions of the same song. How Do I Create Song Info?

Step 4 – Assign Your Song Info To Your Tracks:
Go to your Files area and locate the track you’ve created the Song Info for. Select the track in question, and click ‘Assign Song Info’ to assign all of the song data from the full ‘Song Info’ you created. Congratulations, you’re now ready to submit your tracks!

Submitting Your Tracks: Once you’ve completed the steps above, come back to the Sync Portal and click ‘Submit Files’, select the files with assigned Song Info attached to them and click “Submit”. Our system will tell you if there’s any missing information that we still need, however, if not it will go into pending review. Our team will check out the tracks and if approved they’ll go into the ‘Live’ section.

Once ‘Live’, your tracks will be represented by our team for all new sync opportunities, so you can sit back and let us do all the hard work! – we’ll also let you know if you make a client’s shortlist.

What happens now?

When you select ‘Send for Review‘ it will go into ‘Pending‘. Our Sync Team will then review them, and they will either go into ‘Live‘ or ‘Excluded‘ (the amount of time this takes to review can vary but it may be up to 14 working days).

If a track goes into ‘Live‘ it means it will be eligible for Sync licensing placements and the Sync Team will be reviewing it for every relevant project.

If your track goes into ‘Excluded‘ it means that the Sync Team didn’t think it was right for the portal – reasons why can range from production quality to lyrical content, and anything in-between.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 16.49.29

If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please leave us a comment below. 


  1. Alek

    Hi there,
    I understood nothing here…
    Just clarify these q;

    1.What’s the difference between the Sync Portal and Opportunities:
    you send me a list of opportunities, so, are they on Sync Portal too?
    2. I don’t remember if I’m a member of Sync Portal, so, clarify this
    3. Why do you send me opporunities that don’t match my account?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi Alek,

      Happy to help!

      1) Opportunities are creating by our members and by Music Gateway. Our Sync team search the portal for tracks relevant for projects, some of which we post to the opportunities pages, some of which we can’t (usually because they’re unreleased films for example).
      2) To see if you’re in the Portal click on ‘Sync Portal’ in your account. If you’re still unsure please email support with your username
      3) We want our members to know about every opportunity. If you are getting emails that aren’t relevant to you you can change this within your email preferences in settings.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Keith Hutchinson

        Dear Admin, I would like to point out that the response to Alek is confusing. 1: Opportunities are creating by – surely it should read ‘created’. 2: Our Sync team ‘search’ the portal – another grammar mistake. Sorry but it makes it harder to understand when trying to find one’s way around MG. A little car in that area would be helpful. thx

        1. Music Gateway Support

          Hey Keith, thanks for pointing out the confusion in the previous reply. Anything you need you can always contact us directly on and the team would be happy to help, even with helping you get around initially. I agree about the grammar mistakes and I’ll certainly consider the little car to help people get around MG! 🚗😉 Josh

  2. Daniele Montagner


    ho creato un lavoro che ha un titolo, lo stesso del file musicale da associare. Ho caricato il file musicale, che ha lo stesso titolo del lavoro. Clicco “crea lavoro”, seleziono il lavoro, che compare nella tendina, ma non comapre nulla in “Choose Recording” e non si attiva il tasto “Assign”. Qual’è il problema?

    I created a job that has a title, the same as the music file to be associated. I uploaded the music file, which has the same title as the work. I click “create work”, I select the job, which appears in the drop-down list, but does not cover anything in “Choose Recording” and the “Assign” button is not activated. What’s the problem?

  3. Simon

    Hey guys

    Interesting stuff, thanks a lot… but the text stops where it gets even more interesting! 🙂

    – Who negotiates the budget of those sync opportunities?

    – After a track is selected for a sync, does the rights owner still have the control over their work and the option to decline certain opportunities? (f.e. because of a too small budget, moral reasons, or something else..)

    – How does the process after this work? Who does the sync contract etc.?

    Thanks & best regards

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Fasciani,

      Our Sync Portal is going through a really exciting update ready to be revealed early in 2019. In the meantime, some of the submitted tracks are getting ‘stuck’ in pending status on the system. This is a known bug, but it doesn’t mean your music hasn’t been reviewed. Please consider music that’s been in the portal for a lengthy period of time as live, unless otherwise stated. They will be being listened to and considered for playlists for active projects. Have a great Christmas and New Year and look forward to hearing more of your music in 2019! 🎄

      Customer Success
      Music Gateway

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Kelesha! You must submit files directly to the platform using our uploader, but you can submit released songs you’ve otherwise released through DistroKid. You’d write the ISRC in the ‘works’ when you fill that out about the song under the ‘recording’ tab. If you continue to get stuck please pop us out an email on

  4. John

    All I want to do is submit instrumentals to the sync portal, but I don’t understand how to do it. I signed up, but not sure if I signed up for sync portal. I received opportunities, but they are not close to what I want to submit

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey John! To submit music to the sync portal, you just need to upload your high quality lossless format files such as WAV or AIFF, fill out ‘work’ about the song in the database, attach it to the associated file and go to the sync portal and at the top, in the blue navigation bar, there is a ‘submit files’ button. If you continue to get stuck please pop us out an email on and we’ll guide you through it 🙂

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi James,

      If your catalogue of music has any elements of similarity between the songs, from either an admin or audible perspective, chances are it is worth spending some time setting up at least one work template for future use. This will save you time when you decide to make work templates for individual songs later down the line.

      Now that you have created the template, you’ll need to go into works and click on ‘Create Work From Template’ to create the work for each specific track. From there you will be able to select the template that you wish to use, and you can then enter in the remaining details needed for the track.

      Once that has been done, you can then go to your files, and click on the ‘…’ symbol to the far right hand side of the file name. Then click on ‘Works’ – ‘Assign Works’. A drop down menu should appear and you’ll be able to choose the corresponding work from the list.

      I hope this helps!


  5. Gerardo Loidi

    Hi there

    Can you tell me please how can add info to every song that I uploaded in Files..Also my songs are in Sync Portal in WAV version

  6. Adam Tucker

    Is the sync portal a way of getting existing tracks used by clients seeking music, or can it be a way of showing prospective clients the styles, genres etc which an artist can produce? In other words, are we trying to get the actual tracks out there, or can it be a way of advertising my music more generally? That’s my source of confusion. Because most of my work is instrumental / soundtrack, it’s difficult therefore to know exactly what and how many tracks to submit to the sync portal. i hope that makes sense.


    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Adam,

      Our sync portal is where our team go to to find tracks to send to our clients in response to the brief they have sent us. It’s best to get all of your tracks in the portal with up to date metadata so that our team can easily find your tracks if we have a suitable brief for you. Then if your track gets added to the playlist which we send to our client, we will let you know the good news 🙂

      I hope this helps!

  7. Christopher

    Hi, I didn’t pay for a few months but my pending payments on that particular card finally went through. I see my tracks are Live but were they inactive while I wasn’t paying? And do I need to do anything else? I’ll keep paying if I know my songs are being constantly reviewed for opportunities.

  8. Ana Mangot

    Hi there! I do have some tracks that may be a good match for sync, but they are already released out there in the wild. My question is: when we upload tracks to sync, is it independent of your distribution service or would they go to distribution as well? Since I don’t have a need for it, I need to make sure that this is a completely independent process. Thanks in advance. Hope you’re all keeping healthy and safe <3

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