How to see where your files are being used

To make managing your files easier, we have included the ability to see exactly where you are using your files on Music Gateway. This means if you need to update a mix of a track and you know it’s being used in your playlists, but can’t remember which ones, well this button will show you! This will show you where your tracks are being used across your playlists, projects you manage or opportunities you’ve pitched to, as well as the Sync Portal.

Just click the three dots on the side and the following options will be displayed. Just click “File Usage”. This will then display an icon showing you where that file is being used.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.52.34

The next box that displays will show you what you need to know. Here’s an example;


Want to see it for yourself? Here’s a quick video!

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