How will we know if our music has been played in the store?

Unfortunately, we are not provided with any data from our partner channels, so any plays will be logged and accounted back to the respective performing rights society in each territory played.


  1. How does the MCPS blanket license work and how are we paid for music played in-store?

You can learn more about PRS for Music here. The basics are that in the UK, the blanket license covers broadcasters to be able to play commercially released music in Public (including business stores such as retailers) Radio and Television, whereby the broadcasters log what is played and passes that data back to PRS to account to its members. To receive publishing and mechanical royalty payments for your music, you need to join PPL and PRS for Music.


  1. Malcolm Duff

    I am a member of SACEM (in France). I presume the publishing and mechanical royalty payments are passed on from the performing rights society to SACEM.
    Can you confirm please

  2. Todd

    I am member of ASCAP in (in United States). To receive publishing and mechanical royalty payments for my music, would I still need to join PPL or PRS or both for music? How does this work?

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