I’m Not A Music Gateway Member – How Do I Submit My Music To Projects?

All Music Gateway projects have an option to create a ‘Private Link’, which is a link the project owner can share within their own network of music industry connections. This means that if they’re searching for a track for their project, and you think you might have what they’re looking for, you can submit your music for consideration via the link.

The process is quick and simple, but it’s important that you get it right!

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Name – put your full name, rather than your artist or band name

Email – make sure that this is an email that you check regularly – if we need to contact you we will do so here, and there will be instances where we require an urgent response.

Message – Here is where you should put as much information as possible – you can write information about the style, the lyrics, mood, genre and BPM, and most importantly, you need to state why your track(s) fit the brief.

Select Files – make sure your files are very good quality, and are full tracks (unless the brief says different). We accept WAV or MP3 files, and you can upload one, or multiple tracks, but make sure they are all relevant to the brief!

What happens now?

Your tracks will go into the project workspace where they will be managed by the project owner. If the project owner decides to go ahead with your tracks, they will contact you via email.

Want to submit your music to more opportunities?

Being a Music Gateway member means you have access to a range of projects – from briefs looking for singer-songwriters for collaboration to Sync Licensing opportunities! Having a Music Gateway account also means you can create your own projects on the site, to help build your catalogue and your music industry network. Join for Free!

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