I’m not signed, what do I put as the Master & Publishing rights holders?

If you own 100% of the master & publishing to your songs (and you’re not signed to any record label and / or publishing company) you can state this within your “Song Info” when filling in information for the Sync Portal. You’d simply state click “yes” to the question “Does one person/company own 100% of both Master & Publishing rights?”. You would also state yourself as the writer of the song (unless you have collaborated with others / you’re in a band and will need to state their writer splits of the publishing royalties also).


  1. Martin Weeks

    Been having problems lately with ASCAP. They revamped their registration page and now when I attempt to register a new song with them they automatically list a different company name (similar to ours but a totally different company period…I’ve looked them up.)
    I’ve already contacted them three times about this and each time they just send me auto rresponder b.s.
    Since we are effectively self produced, self published, owners, writers and mixers etc. How can I list ourselves correctly with you to avoid confusion between you and ASCAP?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi Martin, we’d advise including that you’re registered with ASCAP, but you can add in specific ISRC codes at a later date when everything’s sorted – they aren’t mandatory but eventually you’ll want to add them to your metadata so that you get your royalties!

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