Should my tracks be professionally mastered before submitting them?

Yes, all files submitted should be professionally mastered, which should be the default case for any finished recorded music. Please ensure your tracks are professionally mastered.


  1. Lou

    So, MG may not be for me. I compose and create. I am not a pro singer/player/producer. I want to put my songs into those people’s hands.

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Lou,

      We’re a sync agent and music career-enabling technology platform that not only represents your music for sync opportunities, but offers a creative community of thousands of global members you can work with on projects.

      You can post projects yourself and find collaborators to work with, store and sort files and metadata and easily convert files to ID3-embedded MP3’s and lots more.

      The process of our agency works in two ways; firstly by members submitting directly to projects with briefs relevant to their music. The second is by submitting their music to our sync portal which is an important technology that allows our sync managers to find music using keywords and tagging, which they then curate into playlists to send to our clients as a way to funnel and quality control the right music for the right projects.

      Head over to for a little bit more information on our subscriptions and if you have any questions, pop an email over to and we’ll be sure to answer them for you!

      I hope this helps!

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