Top Tips For Landing a Sync Placement

Landing a sync is no easy task, however with Music Gateway we already have the right connections and relationships with the key decision makers, this means your chances of success are higher… however there are still core things we advise you do to help us to help you land a sync. ​It’s not all up to us and there are fundamentals things we need first to ensure you have the maximum chance of sync… so get your notepad out!


The Importance of Metadata
It’s boring, we know, but it can be the difference between getting a sync or not. There’s two core types of data. The basic details and rights information. These search details and various fields help us and clients find your music to listen to based on their needs. Never SPAM the data fields, you have to focus on relevance whilst giving us as much information as possible.

Instrumentals & Remix Versions
Did you know that roughly speaking 80% of all sync placements use the instrumental version of a song. It’s therefore vital that during any recording sessions, you run off and master an instrumental version of all your recordings. We also recommend that you get STEMS of your tracks, as it’s common in advertising to request the individual tracks for an edit matched to the short visual media. Remixes are also a great way of reaching difference audiences and use within TV, Film, Games and Ads. Remixers can provide brand new dimensions to the lyric and melody of the song and can help with specialist radio play as well as sync options. You can find remixers in our marketplace here.

Understanding the sync market
It’s important to understand how we work within the market, as we do not bottom feed and try and undercut other rights holders working in the sync space. We value music above everything else with all license requests negotiated on a case by case basis. As you know, we take commission on the sync fee and nothing on the back-end, so there’s no incentive for us to sell anyone short. Now, having said this, in a lot of cases market conditions and budget restrictions from the clients can dictate the level of fees we can achieve.

Getting a placement depends on a lot of factors, most of which are not only, beyond our control, but can be beyond the control of the Music Supervisor. Ultimately, it comes down to various subjective decisions between various parties. Our role as a professional sync agent is to ensure we deliver the most relevant compositions that are specifically matched to the needs of the client. Sometimes these requests are pretty broad and some are super specific.

As you can imagine, the market is extremely competitive, who wouldn’t want a worldwide placement in a cool advertising campaign, not just for the 6 figure fee, but the exposure this would bring. So, please be rest assured, that if your track is accepted into the Sync Portal, we will be pitching and delivering your music to clients based on their needs and through the use of our experience and relationships, but bear in mind, this can take a long time. It’s definitely not a short game to play. But on a positive note, we do get placements and a great reputation within the community.

Good luck and we aim to be in touch with good news in the future!


  1. Carey Sowder

    I’m finding the whole process of downloading songs, creating a “work” for it, and everything else to be able to pitch it excessively complicated!!! Many of the tutorials seem to be inaccurate, I do what they say and it still doesn’t work….I’m getting very frustrated! If only there were some simple straight forward current tutorials that would actually work! I hope this helps, thank U for your time!

  2. Tom

    Hi MG,
    from one of our recording sessions, as instrumentals, we only got mp3s (not knowing that you only support WAVs) but at maximum quality and range, about 10-12 mb each, would it be possible to convert them to Wav and upload to sync portal? it’s a shame to miss this opportunity.

  3. Steve Lambert

    Is it right to say that MG NOW only accepts wav or aiff hi format recordings into the sync portal?

    So do not place any mp3 format tracks into the sync portal?



  4. Mark

    Hi, this is helpful, before on-boarding I’m reading all the articles to clarify what exactly is required. Thanks for the information. Would like to reach a rep for detail answers but will see if the FAQ solves all curiosities for now.

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