What happens once I’ve submitted my tracks?

They are put into a pending listening queue for our creative team to check and process before they are sent off to our partners.


  1. Sharon Coates

    Around the beginning of July, I submitted 2 versions of a track to see how the submission process works. I am now ready to submit more tracks, but see those initial tracks are still “pending”? How long does it take to have the tracks reviewed & submitted?
    Thanks, Sharon Coates

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Sharon,

      There’s a lot of tracks submitted right now so they’re working through it all – they’ve assured me all will be listened to so it will move out of the pending status as soon as they have 🙂

      There’s a few different channels we submit to, so a lot of the delay is in deciding which channels best fit the music to be accepted to be played and generate success.

      Also, they’re delivered monthly so it’s possible you may have just missed a delivery window, but I haven’t checked that so it could just be the backlog.



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