What Happens To The Audio I Submit?

The client has a secure, private area within their account, similar to the area you can view your submissions, but with additional tools to access your files, to listen, manage and download them. Our website and these private client areas are secure with SSL encryption and can only be accessed by the client. The client can delete files and or save files for review later on. The files remain within the system until processed by the clients or you remove the files yourself. The aim is for the client to have a central, streamlined way of listening to your demos and responding to you appropriately.


  1. Russell

    I submitted a file for: Jazzy Noir Tracks Needed for TV Series, on the 12/06/2018, and in my opinion it is a cool and completely original piece that fits the criteria perfectly. Status still In Progress!? This is a common experience.
    These are my questions:
    1. Why does it take so long to progress, or maybe it has progressed to unsuccessful and I have not been informed? If so ..
    2. Why isn’t the status removed and the project completely closed.?
    3. Will submitted files that have no metadata simply be ignored?
    4. Is it possible to enter metadata once a file has been submitted to a project?
    5. Is there any point at all submitting files at adventurer level?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi Russell,

      We don’t inform members if their tracks are unsuccessful, unless they are Influencers or Game Changers who have pitched on higher-tier projects. We will contact you, however, if you are successful, or if we have any questions about your track.

      It is not necessary to have metadata when you pitch or submit (we won’t ignore your track), but it is strongly recommended because the majority of our briefs have a very quick turnaround, so if our client selects your track we need to be able to clear it asap.

      The project has ended, and it is in the queue to be closed.

      You can assign a work (the metadata) to a track after it has been submitted to a project.

      There is certainly a point to submitting as an Adventurer – we consider all submissions in opportunities and the Sync Portal based on song relevance alone, not membership type. However, if you would like access to a greater number of opportunities, we’d recommend upgrading.

      Hope that helps, if you have any further questions feel free to email support.

      Amy @ MG

      1. Mark Parr


        I am an Influencer and have pitched to a large number of briefs. A lot of the briefs are quite old now and have ended a long time ago but I have yet to be contacted with the outcome of any of my pitches.
        It would be helpful to be informed if my track(s) were unsuccessful. If a particular track was not up to the standard required and I had been informed by MG then I would then be in a position to rectify the track to bring it up to required standard.
        However, if I am simply left in the dark then this really is not very helpful at all.
        Every other Sync agency that I am signed up to, inform you whether your pitch has been successful or not. Your statement above claiming that you will be informed if the track is unsuccessful IF you are an Influence / Game Changer is simply not true in my experience. I really do hope that you address this issue. The fact that your customers submit music to your briefs and then never hear a thing back does begin to build an element of mistrust as being displayed from other people comments on this subject,



      2. Chuck Sabo

        I’m an Influencer, and in 2 years I’ve never been informed one way or the other if my tracks are unsuccessful, or even heard! I’v requested this information a few times. But no reply!!

        1. Chuck Sabo

          I have tracks being used on over 40 US TV shows, but not through MG. So I know what works! Still, I get no response from MG on any of my tracks in their portal which I’ve submitted!
          I just submitted my track ‘The Politician’ for a brief, requesting political lyrical content. Let’s see if I hear anything for MG this time.

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi Norine,

      the MG team won’t usually respond to submissions unless we’re interested in them, unless you’re an Influencer or Game Changer and you’re submitting to a higher-tier project, then we’ll give feedback.

      For projects managed by members I wouldn’t be able to give you a set time as it differs from member to member.

  2. Steve Lambert

    When one has submitted a track for consideration to a project, from the sync portal, or indeed from anywhere in my files, how can I find the history of what Ive submitted, to whom, and when?

    Its been explained once to me some time ago; but why isn’t it much easier to have access on how to do this?
    I havent a clue how to do this…cos there is no obvious clue given.

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Steve, just navigate to the ‘projects’ area of the platform and then ‘pitched on’, click on the respective project and in the top navigation bar in blue at the top of the platform you will see a tab called ‘submissions’. If you continue to get stuck with this, pop us out an email to support@musicgateway.com and we’ll guide you through it.

  3. Loue Wose

    should a song play for you as soon as it’s uploaded ?
    i uploaded 5 or 6 and none will play , I mighta missed something
    but can find zero info other then just to upload.

    1. Keith Hutchinson

      Re your reply to Steve: Hey Steve, just navigate to the ‘projects’ area of the platform and then ‘pitched on’, click on the respective project and in the top navigation bar in blue at the top of the platform you will see a tab called ‘submissions. Following his route I do not see the word “SUBMISSIONS”, I get ‘working on’, ‘pitched for’ and Completed’ …. Pls clarify. Have you modified the site? I have to agree with one of the above that the Navigation is not as clear as it could be.

  4. Keith Hutchinson

    To clarify a little further. ‘ Submissions’ is listed under ‘Sync Portal’ NOT in the Projects area. If I’m wrong please clarify. Thx

  5. Evan Silva

    I feel this is a Rip to be honest…..I’ve submitted a lot of very good tracks as an Influencer also and never heard a whisper..
    Evan Silva

  6. Jess

    Hi there, I uploaded an incorrect file to a pitch and removed it, went to upload a correct one and now cannot submit or edit anything. How do I resolve this?

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