What is metadata management?

Metadata is a very important part of the music industry. We’ve designed the tools to be able to edit your metadata within our central file storage system, meaning it’s always up to date and ready to go.

To edit metadata, find the file you wish to update in “Files” and click on the button with the three dots next to the file. This will bring down a menu where you can find the option “Edit MP3 Metadata.” The page will open in a new tab and you’ll see lots of different fields to fill in and edit. Then simply hit save and your metadata will be updated.

Alternatively, if you wish to update multiple files with the same metadata, you can select the relevant files on the “files” page. On the right hand side a new menu will appear with the option “Update Metadata.” By modifying the information in this page it will automatically change the the Metadata information of all the selected files.

Metadata in the form of a ‘Song Info‘ is vital for using the Sync Portal. In fact, you can’t get your music into the Sync portal without it.

To learn how to add ‘Song Info’ or create a ‘Song Info Template’ download the PDF below:

Song Info and Metadata – How To



  1. Stephanie

    hi will it let me see if a file already has a meta data code on it. Or is it just going to let me add to it. Some of my files I’m not sure if the producer added the correct metadata to it.

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