What is Retail Distribution?

It’s a specific type of distribution that is outside your normal digital distribution, as it services small or medium sized businesses that have fixed locations; such as bars, cafes, shops, hotels etc.


  1. Eugene David Hayes

    what type of file is required for retail distribution? mp3, or .wav? Do I upload from files already on my files folders stored on Music Gateway, or do I upload them from my computer storage site?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hi Eugene,

      We require MP3 files for the retail distribution service. You need to upload the files which are currently stored in your Music Gateway account, so once you’ve got all your tracks on the platform you can then submit them 🙂



  2. Derek Moffat

    How long should I expect it to take between submitting music for retail distribution and and finding out if a submission has been successful? I’ve checked FAQs and can’t see anything on this. Will the submission continue to show as pending if it has not been successful?

    1. Music Gateway Support

      Hey Derek,

      I apologise for the delay in response.

      Unfortunately, there is no set time frame, due to many possible factors. e.g – deadlines, Who is working on the submissions and just general work load.

      But, we all do try our very best to make this process as short as possible!

      I hope this helps!


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